The Wishbone – Large


The Wishbone (Large) is a durable nylon chew toy designed to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instincts and promote good dental health. Its unique shape helps clean teeth and massage gums, making it the perfect chew toy for larger dogs or aggressive chewers.

Shop now and give your furry friend a toy they’ll love! The Wishbone (Large) – a dental-friendly and satisfying chew toy for your dog.

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The Wishbone (Large) is the ultimate chew toy for dogs who love to gnaw and chew. Made from durable nylon, this toy is designed to withstand even the toughest chewers and will provide your furry friend with hours of entertainment.

At Malibu Mutt Mart, we understand the importance of providing your pet with safe, high-quality toys that will not only satisfy their natural chewing instincts but also promote good dental health. That’s why we’ve created The Wishbone (Large) – a chew toy that’s not only tough but also promotes clean teeth and healthy gums.

The Wishbone (Large) is specially designed to be easy for dogs to hold and chew. Its unique shape helps to clean teeth and massage gums as your dog chews, reducing plaque and tartar buildup and promoting better overall oral health.

This large wishbone chew toy is perfect for larger dogs who need a bigger, sturdier toy to play with. It’s also great for dogs who like to chew on furniture, shoes, or other household items, as it provides a safe and satisfying outlet for their chewing behavior.

Shop now and give your furry friend a toy that they’ll love. The Wishbone (Large) – the durable and dental-friendly chew toy for your dog!


• FDA Approved non-toxic
• Dental design
• Holds treat spread
• Top shelf dishwasher safe